Dogs, drafts, and dharma!

Doggy noses and yoga poses

There is a new phenomenon on the fundraising circuit that combines a few of our favorite things — dogs (of course), craft beer, and yoga. 

The concept:

Dog rescue organizations partner with craft breweries, yoga instructors, and others to hold classes where the dogs roam free among the yogis. The fee paid for the class (around $35) includes a free pint afterwards (for those of drinking age) with proceeds going to the shelter. 

Anyone who has ever tried to do yoga around a pet knows the sight of Master in downward dog is an irresistible invitation to cavort and interrupt the flow. The thought of being cuddled and nuzzled by a dog while doing yoga is also irresistible to people, as evidenced by the popularity of these fundraisers. 

We plan to attend one next month at Brix City Brewing in Little Ferry, NJ. Class will be led by Kathryn Sutter and we can’t wait. 

Here’s a link to the Facebook event page.

We’ll have more details about these events coming soon, after we speak with one of the organizers.