Don’t you forget about me

Even though I’m not sitting down like all those other dogs, I still deserve a treat, don’t I?

I'm waiting so patiently. Please! It's my turn.

I’m waiting so patiently. Please! It’s my turn. Bow wow!

Opal Puppy and Henry Hound

This is a picture of me and Opal. I see Opal on play dates sometimes. Uncle Jeff calls her my “mini me.” I don’t know what that means. Mommy says we are “kissing cousins.” I don’t know what that means either. Opal is all right. In this picture we are waiting for a treat. When we sit and wait Uncle Jeff gives us treats. It’s hard to wait for a treat but I can do it. I want a treat right now.

Henry and Opal waiting for treats.

Henry and Opal waiting for treats.

Big dog equals “the cold shoulder”

Daddy says there is a big dog in our yard, but I don’t smell him at all. He won’t play or even sniff. He just lies there. He is not mean but he is not friendly either. I would rather have a real big dog to play with. He can be all white like this dog but he has to smell like a dog and sniff like one, too.

Big white dog won't play with me

Big white dog won’t play with me