Today’s Dog Is Duncan

Duncan at the gate

Duncan at the gate

In Shakespeare’s play Macbeth, Duncan is the King of  Scotland. In modern-day Essex County, however, Duncan is the self-appointed ambassador to Brookdale Park Dog Park, greeting visitors and playing liaison to all the dog park fun.

A long limbed and curly tailed Akita/Golden Retriever mix, two-year old Duncan was rescued by Joe, with help from daughter Jessica and girlfriend Gail, at a Pet Super Adoption event on Saturday, April 28, 2012. The event, sponsored by Best Friends Animal Society, was held at the Westchester County Center and featured over 500 dogs (plus hundreds of cats and a few rabbits).

Joe was looking for a specific sized dog, rather than a particular breed. “My ideal was a medium to large dog, around 50 pounds.”

Duncan is a real good lookin’ boy

Here’s how Duncan “rescued” Joe:

While walking up and down the many aisles, Joe saw about four dogs that interested him. As fate would have it, in the very last row he visited, he saw Duncan. “He was the perfect size and a good looking boy,” Joe remembers. They let him out and Duncan acted very friendly, not at all timid, and very well behaved. Joe took him outside on leash to make sure he wouldn’t tear his arm off on walks.

Jessica, Gail, Joe, and Duncan on adoption day

Jessica, Gail, Joe, and Duncan on adoption day

It obviously went very well. While Joe did go back to look at one of the other dogs  that had interested him, it was just for show. Duncan was already decided upon. In the space of a half hour, Joe had filled out the paperwork, and Joe, Jessica, Gale and Duncan were back on the road home.

The following day, they made their first trip to Brookdale Dog Park, and Duncan began his ambassadorship.

Duncan gets his size and body shape from his Akita genes, and from his Golden retriever side, his goofiness and sweet temperament. Joe keeps a watchful eye on him, but Duncan gets along extremely well with the other dogs in the park, both large and small. He loves people, and of course, treats.

Joe and Duncan spend roughly five hours a day at the park, usually spread out between a morning and afternoon visit.  If, according to Jeff, “there’s no such thing as a bad dog,” then according to Joe, “there’s no such thing as a bad day in the dog park.” Currently the winter sunsets cut their visits short, and Joe and Duncan are looking forward to spring and summer hours, when they can stay as late as 8 PM.

Duncan awaiting a trip to the park

Duncan awaiting a trip to the park

Duncan has grown a bit since adoption day — 2 inches in height, 3 inches in length, and 25 pounds of muscle and fur. Even though he’s pushing 70 lbs., Duncan thinks he’s a lap dog (sound familiar?) “So much for my perfect size!” laments Joe.

If you stop by Brookdale Park Dog Park, chances are good you’ll be greeted by this friendly ambassador making the most of his play time.

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